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• Sun13 - PETS1 metro

• Mon 14 - RLI Training (2)Country

• Sun 20 - PETS1 Country

• Mon 21 - RLI Training (3) Metro

• Tues 22 - DG Nominating Committe

Community Service from Albert Park

Community Service from Albert Park

An open Letter to Members Dear Rotary Port Melbourne, Albert Park College¬†have a paid position available immediately till December 18 for a two and a half day a week position as a teacher's aide for a year 9 young man.¬† He has a fairly mild learning disability and is funded for support .5 each week. The job involves supporting the …

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An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be. Definitely NOT PC


The Lighter Side

of Europe

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