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Engineering - Everyone Need Maths

Engineering - Everyone Need Maths

Everybody need Maths and perhaps a little bit of Rhythm as well   I am reliably informed that the engineering involved in this pile driving rely on the extra Man, and the Rhythm makes the difference! Here's a construction technique that would be handy to know. Read the calculations then see this technique in action. Its something to cheer up …

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Christmas in July Great Success - Sold Out

Christmas in July Great Success - Sold Out

Good Spirits, Good Food and Good Fellowship kept the Melbourne cold at bay last Monday night. Even our Virtual fireplaces warmed the hearts of the crowd who gathered to guess how many jelly beans there were, how to turn Jackie off, how to help our singer answer the phone but mainly to support the great work of ROMAC at this …

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Entrant for the DJ & Myer Mid Year High Heels Sales Race



Absolutely Clueless

 Practice won't Help

this case

Not Quite Doing it Right

The pointy end digs in and tends to stop suddenly if you step there

Didn't we say it was Fizzy

Could probably get a game Bowling for Australia at this stage

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Practice will make Perfect


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