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World Literacy Month

• 12th -District Conference Hobart

• 20th - RYPEN Camp

• 23rd - Rotary's 110th Birthday

• 29th -Post PETS Baden Powell College Tarneit

Balibo Fort House HotelNow Open!,

Balibo Fort House HotelNow Open!,

RC Port Melbourne's President Robyn, PP Ricardo and Suzanne have just returned from a visit to Balibo, where they attended the opening of the Balibo Fort House Hotel, our RAWCS project No. 142, 2010-11. It's been 5 years in the making and has cost a bundle but it has been worth the wait, the hotel offers by far the most …

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Induction Details

Induction Details

Please find the location for Induction onto the McDonnell Dwell Site in place of our normal meeting on the 13th of April. Remeber 5pm at the East site Office - follow the red line

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An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be. Definitely not PC

The Lighter Side



Definitely in the Eye of the Beholder

RCPM Members are Happy

Statistically it would appear that most RCPM members wont die on Monday Night

A very happy Potatoe

Kids happy to get a photo (maybe short lived)

How to make a boy happy

from sad to happy in 2 seconds

Well don that lad!