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Monday September 22nd


East Timor - A Work in Progress

East Timor - A Work in Progress

 PP Ricardo (ooh,ooh to his friends and countless women) writes on the undertaking in East Timor and gives us a photographic record of just some of the work to date and included are photos of the CLC and Balibo 5 Kinder provided by PALMS organisation volunteer Leanne Hayes (see below). You can see from the children’s faces and from the …

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An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be. Definitely not PC


Because we know you keep it in the fridge

Another in our ongoiing series of helpful household hints. That just happens to highlight the ingenuity of some young Aussies for Youth Month.

These guys were oversubscribed in Kickstarter!

Necessity being the Mother of Invention and we just know you will put the Butter back in the Fridge

This is the final blade for production.

Here are a number of the tested designs before the final one was settled on.

Works a treat!

Doesn't destroy the bread or lose the flavour and the superior taste of butter.

Here is the link to what you need to know about butter and storage

Here is the link to these smart Aussies Kickstarter page.

Just remember this why your Granny had one of these because butter was invented waaaay before refrigeration.


Don't put it back in the Fridge


Definitely my kind of Trucking Company