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A Neville John Swan Song?

A Neville John Swan Song?

PDG Neville writes, It is with great pleasure that I attach a copy of the 2017 Rotary District 9800 Conference Report. I hope that you enjoy the reading and that it brings back fond memories of a conference that the survey has concluded was one worth attending. One behalf of the conference committee an members of Central Melbourne Rotary, I …

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Macrob Interact Induction 2017

Macrob Interact Induction 2017

RCPM Secretary David and ADG Rosemary attended the ever increasing induction ceremony of the newest members of the Rotary Family. The pictures speak for themselves. Ed Note: that photography may be a subject that MacRob might want to introduce for these multi-talented multi-media student s starting with focus, but enjoy these enthusiastic new members      

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Early Bird Bookings Now Open – www.rotaryconference.org.au


Stroke Week Reminder

Stroke Week this year is Monday 4 to Sunday 10 September

Stroke Week aims to draw attention to the common causes of stroke that is a major cause of disability for over 12,000 Victorians each year, across all ages and genders.

A predominant cause of stroke is hypertension manifested by undiagnosed/untreated high blood pressure. Identification of blood pressure irregularities can save lives and prevent unnecessary major disability.

Rotary has been invited by the Stroke Foundation to assist with random blood pressure monitoring during and around Stroke Week 4 – 10 September 2017. I have been nominated as D9800 representative as an extension of the D9800 DEP Life After Stroke program.

This accords with the Blood Pressure Awareness (BPA) program being developed by Kew Rotary.

Participation is simple, and can be conducted in conjunction with normal Rotary activities e.g., markets, BBQs, regular meetings etc., etc.

There is no cost – the Stroke Foundation will provide all you need.

Would those clubs interested please contact me ASAP and I will organise equipment and instructions. bob_slater1@outlook.com

Bob Slater
Rotary Club of Kew
D9800 Life After Stroke Coordinator



Changes to Child Welfare and Safety Act briefing session

Dear Presidents

As you are all aware this Act has changed and these changes have implications to the running of youth programs within District and Clubs.

Due to the many enquiries it has been decided to hold a briefing session by District Director Governance David Whiting and District Protection Officer Gary Goldsmith at Tabcorp Park, on Sunday 20th August, from 10am to 12.30pm to advise and provide time for questions regarding this most important matter.

Clubs are requested to send at least one representative or as many they deem appropriate, ie President, Youth Service Director, Protection Officer to attend this meeting.

There is no cost as District considers the matter urgent and of sufficient importance to conduct this briefing to ensure that all Clubs are well informed on the implications and requirements and we proceed on a common platform and with a common goal.

In the event that country clubs are unable to send a representative to the meeting we will make Zoom available. There are limitations with this technology if the bandwidth in your area is limited.

Questions will be taken and answered on the day however if you have a specific question now, feel free to forward with your registration and we will endeavour to have the answers ready for the meeting.

Registrations please by 12th August 2017 to District Secretary Marjorie - marbern@bigpond.net.au – with Club and names of members attending. (to date only eight clubs have responded).

DG Peter

Ed Note:  Working with Children

Working with Children Registration detail form is now available on the site under Members/Forms or you can access it here. Remeber, under the new regulations it is a requirement for even peripheral contact that all members are registered and the Club is in compliance.  let get it done and save Robyn a headache!

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