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Water & Sanitation

• Thurs 10 - International Womens Day

• Sat 12 - District Conference Bendigo

• Fri 18-20  - RYPEN

• Mon 21 - RLI Training 3 (Metro)

Media Frenzy

Media Frenzy

We seem to have collected more than a few pics and videos you might enjoy From the Bendigo Conference we have A couple from Gordon Cheyne's collection another 213 can be viewed or downloaded here And who would have thought it but it does appear the the DG has a few pics to share as well Naturally Our MacRob Girls …

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RYPEN Report

RYPEN Report

Our two "well traveled" Macrob girls, Michelle and Karuna, reflect on their RYPEN experience and the surprise of how much they enjoyed the adventure out of their comfort zone. Michelle Yu The RYPEN camp was an amazing experience. On Friday night, we sat down to brainstorm and reflect on why we came to RYPEN and what we wanted to achieve, …

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Diary Reminders & Offers

Remember only a few days to get your views on the rule changes to PDG Dennis Shaw

The full proposals are here




An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be.

Definitely NOT PC

 The Lighter Side of Just about Everything!

When you need a lift the Irish deliver

These guys were installing bollards to stop nurses parking too close to the hospital in Dublin

Probably taking the bus home

The Times are a Changing

Unlikely to see this again


A Goog or two for Easter