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Peace and Conflict Resolution

• Sat 06 - DLT Trainings

• Mon 08 - RLI Training 1 ( Metro)

• Sun 21 - DG 2018-9 Interviews

• Tue 23 - Rotary's Anniversary

• Sun 28 - PETS 2

• Mon 29 - RLI Training 2 (Metro)

Welcomed to the Push!

Welcomed to the Push!

At our last meeting, and First for the year, we saw the induction of Dr Lisa Matriste, a dentist of renown, who is leading the charge in establishing the Balibo Dental Clinic we are attaching to the Medical centre in East Timor. Dr. Lisa Matriste Induction by President Paul Lisa has been part and parcel of the undertakings in East Timor …

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Dear Fellow Rotarians,

This email has been authorized by Dr. Riccardo Chini, Chairman of the East Milan Rotary Club.

It is an invitation to preview the art book “EXPO 2015 Milan – Through the Eyes of Art”.
Clicking on the image or the link herewith (click here) you can see how an artist, member of the East Milan Rotary Club, perceived the last Universal Exposition which was visited by over 21 million people from all over the world.

Please feel free to forward this email to your contacts, be they Rotarians or not.

Hoping this pleases you, with warm regards,

Renato Missaglia


Special offers exclusively for Rotarians


We would like to take this opportunity as the new year starts, to remind you about Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefit program featuring special offers that allow you to do a lot more for a lot less—no matter what you’re doing. 

Whether you’re working on your club’s community projects, enjoying a night out with friends or sharing your Rotary story with someone new, you can take advantage of discounts and special offers on  airfare, hotels, vehicle rentals, and entertainment.

Would you like to offer discounts from your business to other Rotarians? Help build the program by adding special offers from your own company to the growing portfolio of Rotary Global Rewards. To learn more, visit Rotary.org/GlobalRewards.

Please share this exciting news with your members. You’ll find promotional tools on the Rotary Global Rewards website that will help you introduce your Rotarian friends to the program. 

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