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A Bank You can Trust - Grows

A Bank You can Trust - Grows

Which Bank Can You Trust - This Bank The Rotary Port Melbourne Hospital Bed Bank has just picked up, disinfected, cleaned and shipped another 54 beds to Chile to grow the bank ledgers to a total of 259 Hospital Beds available for palliative care in the Chilean community. The ‘Rotary Hospital-Bed Bank’ project for Southern Chile was developed jointly between …

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An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be.

Definitely NOT PC


The Lighter Side


just about everything

The editor has received some vociferous complaints that he is presenting gender biased bumpiness. In an effort to provide a more balanced viewpoint and to satisfy the more discerning readers (and Robyn and Lucy) this is issue corrects the perceived imbalance with a different sets of bumps.

By Popular Demand

Pictured is the former Consul of Chile.


Don Diego Velasco von Pilgrimm


A known favourite during the inaugural Bed Bank project and the Melbourne donations for the earthquake and fire  relief fund.


It has been confided that many a heart would have been open to a Pilgrimage

Men of the Fashion Set

Fashionistas strutting their Stuff

Men of the Car Set

Motoristas displaying their wares

Men of the Beach Set

The boys having a little fun frolicking and playing in the sun

Men of Two Wheels

The Motorcycle set always stood apart but appealed to some


Then there are the guys who don't do modelling all that well