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• Sat 08 - GSE Selections

• Thur 12 - District AGM

• Mon 16 - RLI Training 4 (Country)

• Tue  24 - Paul Harris Breakfast

• Sun 29 to Dec 5-  RYLA Camp

A reminder on Hope...

A reminder on Hope...

The Balibo, Timor Leste story, from tragedy something good comes….. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of Portuguese Timor, it is timely to reflect on the story of the small community of Balibo’, close to the Indonesian border. Balibo’s story is closely linked to Australia as it was there on 16th October 1975, that Indonesian troops …

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The Cooking Conspiracy

An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be. Definitely NOT PC


The Lighter Side


Just about Everything

Common Sense Really

• We have Toorak Tractors

• The Dutch have People Movers

Slightly different to Port Melbourne