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Basic Education

• Sun13 - PETS1 metro

• Mon 14 - RLI Training (2)Country

• Sun 20 - PETS1 Country

• Mon 21 - RLI Training (3) Metro

• Tues 22 - DG Nominating Committe

Cluster Dinner - The Hon. Betty King QC

Cluster Dinner - The Hon. Betty King QC

In one of her first talks after retirement The Hon Betty King QC the former Supreme Court Justice of Gangland Murder and Underbelly fame has consented to honour our Rotary Cluster after 40 years in the law with reflections on a Life in Crime.

The details are below. Book early for this cluster highlight.

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Wizza's Water

Wizza's Water

John Smith Weston PP of RCMS writes about a bit of Aussie smarts

Dear Rotarian

 My name is John Smith-Weston,

May I introduce you to a new water storage solution

 A PAK FLAT Tank - a 1,000 litre water tank that comes in a flat pack box, fits on a pallet, uses less materials than conventional tanks to make and can be completely recycled.  It offers social and health benefits for remote, displaced or disaster stricken communities through the provision and access to potable water (combined with filtration and purification techniques) as well as convenience and a cost effective solution for households, schools and local community initiatives.

 My role at GreenCo Water is to support NGO's like Rotary to help continue their good work in the humanitarian and social sectors.

 They can erected by unskilled labour in just a few minutes....and cost AU$255.00 each

Rotary are already using it in Vanuatu and PNG (and soon in Vietnam, Philippines and Timor Leste) and the product is now approved and soon to be listed by the International Organisation for Migration. Further testing with Save the Children, RedR and Red Cross to begin soon. We are also in discussions with Unicef and Red Cross regarding Nepal and responding to the recent request from Oxfam GB for tanks bound for Yemen. I attach a flyerphoto of several palletised tanks, plus a short video covering its erection.
May we be of assistance to your international committee's club good works  The tanks have already been recognised with Victoria’s Engineering Excellence Award (Highly Commended), HIA Green Product Award (winner), Victorian Stormwater Awards (finalist) and are current finalist in the International Ethical Corporation - Responsible Business Awards for SMEs (to be revealed 25th Sept 2015).

 Yours sincerely  

 John John Smith-Weston wizzaofoz@bigpond.com johnw@greencowater.com greencowater.com 1/21 Wellington Street, St Kilda Melbourne VIC 3182

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An assortment of the  latest media doing the rounds for your amusement, amazement or horror as the case may be. Definitely NOT PC


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