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Basic Education

• Sun13 - PETS1 metro

• Mon 14 - RLI Training (2)Country

• Sun 20 - PETS1 Country

• Mon 21 - RLI Training (3) Metro

• Tues 22 - DG Nominating Committe

Port Melbourne App for your phone tablet etc

Port Melbourne App for your phone tablet etc

Under the leadership and vision of President Paul we have slaved away to make it easy for the members with fading memories, fat fingers, computer phobia, technical disabilities or just a general an un-diagnosed Internet malady to now be able to actually embrace the communications revolution that is the electronic age.

Yes we now have an App for that!

This link will send you to an app repository that lets you install the app on your phone or tablet.

Click Here

or type in this address


For an Android Phone, Tablets etc use the Android native button to download the app to your device

Apple and Window devices use the html5 button to install.

After everyone is happy and if there are no changes needed I shall upgrade and lock the app










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