About Us

A small friendly club. We meet Monday nights for Dinner in our own room courtesy of the Albion Hotel in Port Melbourne

The Club was established by the Charter President Tony Harrison ably supported by PDG Bernie Walsh. Developed from the outset as an informal, sociable group that offered a meeting venue for those who could no longer make morning or lunch time meetings the club retains this same philosophy and continues the Rotary tradition of service above self.

Part of the allure of a small club is the friendships that develop over time but also meeting on a Monday, so that diaries do not clash with the busy part of the week, has its own attraction. The moderate size of the Club allows for all members to be a board member. This allows the Club's direction, aims and administration to be dispatched quickly at the start of any meeting and members to concentrate on fellowship.

The Club was formally chartered on the 23rd of October 2007

Port Melbourne is in District D9800 and a member of the Port Phillip Cluster of Clubs.

We welcome your interest and hope you may join with us to support our community. We extend an invitation to visit with us some time. Just contact any of the beautiful people below for an invite.

Our Team

David Richardson


A recent return addition to RCPM. David has jumped in with both feet and is living up to the best Rotary traditions having volunteered for the secretary's role as well. His volunteering leads to him being found on a variety of boats around Australia and the far abroad.

Graham Read


Graham with his wife Jackie, recent emigres from the UK by way of Germany, have, to our good fortune, settled in Melbourne to visit their kids and grandkids. This year promises to be organised given Graham's background in logistics and the UK Plod

Paul Kildea

Immediate Past President & Treasurer

Paul an accountant by trade and accounting to the delightful Pauline remains treasurer for another term. Our IPP is ever alert for schemes that bring in money, laughter or just plain old fun.






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