Donations in Kind

You can make a difference! You can Make a Change!

All of our funds go directly to the projects we undertake or the programs we support. There is NO adminstration fee, NO travel costs, NO funding for other programs. What you select gets your money, your goods, your services.

All of our costs are funded and paid for by our membership.

If your preference is to support Rotary in general please select the general item but we would be equally pleased to tie your donations or gifts to specific causes and guarantee that they will not be otherwise used.

We invite you to contribute to this years undertakings in whole or in part.

Financial donations that cover the full project or program cost bring automatic naming right and promotion of you, your company or products.  Just select the item you wish to support and follow the payment instructions.

Donations of Goods and services can be made using the attached form. We take a little longer to ensure that the system is capable distributing the items or services specified and to make sure if they cannot be delivered that we can pick up and store the donated items.

We thank You for considering these causes.