Joining Rotary

Not Sure – Join Us for Dinner

You have heard of Rotary but not sure what it entails or what the commitment is or even if meets your needs.

Fear not! Come along and join us for dinner at one of our meetings. You will join in with a friendly sociable crew who enjoy dinner, good fellowship, a joke or two and providing some service to improve their communities both here and overseas. We are a very informal Club and like meeting new people. So fill in the form, lets us know a Monday night that suits you and be our guest.

Naturally we would like to know a little about you and what avenue of service you would prefer, But there is no pressure or obligation to join, just to enjoy the evening. So just come along and look us over   and see if we are the right fit for you.

Not Sure - Join us for Dinner

Time Poor – Give us a Helping Hand

I want to Volunteer but I am extremely time poor. I have heard of Rotray but don’t think I have the time to commit to membership.

We are pleased to tell you that Rotary has made it into the 21stCentury and recognises the strains and commitments that business and family life have changed from yesteryear. Rotary now operates under far more relaxed meeting and attendance schedules and Nowhere more so than here at Port Melbourne.

Even so,  many people wish to volunteer without commitments at times and places that suit their lifestyles. Our helping hand program is designed to do just that.  As a helping hand member we offer you a way of volunteer service without obligation, but with a crew you know who are supportive and grateful for your assistance.

As a supporter you will be advised of what is coming up that you may wish to volunteer for. We have a wide range of activities that go to support our local community, children both here and overseas, the environment as well as providing  great BBQ’s for other service providers.  Everything from driving kids and pensioners to venues, picking up donations of goods, providing marshalls and stewards at events, helping pack containers for Timor there is something for everyone.

So we invite you to register your interest and we will contact you and make your volunteering both worthwhile and enjoyable.

Time Poor - You can give us a Helping Hand

I’m Ready – Sign Me Up

I’m ready to join and make a contribution to my community. I have looked around and would like to join a small sociable club that achieves the goals it sets itself.

Welcome friend, please fill out the details on the form and we will be glad to be in contact and have you join us. There are naturally a number of probity checks needed before induction to safeguard the Rotary name and reputation, but these are relatively simple and consist of introducing yourself to the President and Secretary and then the Club while getting a working with children check that is mandatory for Rotarians and is at no cost.

We look forward to you joining us for dinner meeting and getting to know you while your membership is processed.

  Please fill out the online form or download the pdf form and send it by Email to

I'm Ready - Join Now