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Secretary Dave obviously thinking of not letting La Luce have all the fun has uncovered an Invitation from Bundaberg Sunrise Rotary for the more adventurous among us to Join their project in Kenya

Departs Australia 4th April 2018 – Departs Kenya 21st April 2018
Departs Australia 19th September 2018 – Departs Kenya 7th October 2018

Contact cathy@umojahome.com to register your interest




Let’s see what they got up to..

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words
You decide..


6 volunteers arrived at Umoja in September. There was a lot of work to be done and the volunteers were divided up into teams of what needed to be accomplished at the project.
Children’s home helping of daily chores
Early childhood program implementation and training house mothers
Fencing of fruit forest
Construction of cow dairy
Painting & maintenance
Free health clinics
Construction of children’s playground


It was all system Go and the place was a hive of activity

Teachers set up an early childhood program for our children, and trained our staff in how to implement the program each day.  The joy for our children was so evident from the outset.

Fencing of our fruit forest was a task in hand, and also construction of our cow dairy.

Construction of our playground was designed to be low maintenance and nature friendly for our children. Volunteers began preparing recycled timber and tyres to be used for the construction with the assistance of local Kenyans.


Having Kate the vet return again was a great help to our farm staff.

We had a large amount of ‘Days for girls’ reusable menstrual kits previously donated by a Gosford North Rotarian to be given to our local community.  Our ‘workshop’ was our storeroom for the young girls and an explanation of why and how to use the kits were given  by two of our volunteers and translated into Swahili for our local community girls.  They do not attend school at menstruation time as the parents cannot afford to buy the needs. The girls will now be able to attend school when it is their time of the month.

You can’t imagine how much food it takes to feed 4000+ hungry children, but our volunteers assisted at a children’s feeding station north of Mombasa.  Roll that around your tongue… A children’s feeding station.  Yes, we fed approximately 4000 children.  It used to be around 2000 every Sunday. No child is turned away and they carry their younger siblings for up to 10 – 20 km every Sunday for a meal.  It is quite overwhelming to see. Another experience for our volunteers to volunteer here and to see the extent of poverty.

The children were taken to the beach for an excursion by our volunteers. For some it was their first time to see the beach, and they were very scared, for others, it was tremendously exciting again

Volunteers visit our mentoring orphanage, The Goodlife Orphanage who advise us on so many issues.  Next year they celebrate their 10th year of being open. A credit to their owners who work incredibly hard to rehome and educate approximately 70 children.

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