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    Sun on the Water
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    A Whale
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    A Whale
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    A Whale
    Yep a Whale off the Port Bow - David is understood to be running a competition. First Prize Anyone finding a Whale is a Camera that capture Whales

Ah Queensland

Beautiful one day, you know the score

Yes, dear readers I paid a visit to several of Gods waiting rooms en route to Hamilton Island over the past 2 weeks.

I joined the good ship That Boat again, a 41 foot Bavaria design for the technically minded,  in Southport and headed north into a building northerly wind which impressed our novice crew member not one bit. She kept feeding the fish over the side of the boat and calling out for Ruuuuth or someone. After a lumpy 24 hours we pulled into Mooloolaba where we sat for 2 days waiting for more favourable winds Caught up with an old retired pilot mate who lives there, he regaled us with some flying stories. Made us all quite happy we were sailing.  I’m always happy to go some- where that I can lower the average age and I certainly could in Moo ba as the locals call it!

We saw a few whales in the distance but the best was yet to come. Our novice sailor thought long and hard about whether to sign on for the rest of the adventure but eventually relented. Didn’t quite make the watch standing routine though.

On to Rosslyn Bay, a 2-day sail with, you guessed it, more northerly winds except for about 10 hours actually sailing. Some fabulous sunsets and sunrises and one amazing moonrise one night about 2 am which was like another sun rising it was so bright.  Lots of whales broaching and porpoises and the odd turtle to keep us amused.

Our resident fisherman let us down, in previous trips we have had Spanish mackerel, dolphin fish, and lots of fresh seafood to enjoy, no luck this year. Not one strike on the rod in 7 days at sea. Had a couple of birds try to pick up the lure including an albatross out near Lady Elliot island, that would have been interesting!

Lots of boats sitting at anchor off Gladstone and Mackay waiting to load coal. Our port transport system is seriously inadequate, the cost must be astronomical to keep those boats there. $10k per day I’m told and the average wait is 28 days. I counted over 30 boats off Mackay. No wonder the state government is on the nose there!

A night at Yeppoon , the town nearby, and an hilarious bus ride back to the marina we refuelled, refilled the fridge and headed for Hammo. Again more whale sightings and as we sailed into Dent Passage near our destination a whale and calf surfaced beside us not more than 5 meters from the boat, an amazing sight.

36 hours of motoring later we arrived to see a very different Hamilton Island. Not too much obvious structural damage from the cyclone but a lot of the greenery has been stripped from the trees so you can now see all the houses dotted around the hills. Quite a bit of rebuilding has taken place with new bungalows over the back of the island and renovation of the resorts but all in all pretty much as before. Left Hammo in 28 Degrees, arrived home in shorts to 9 and rain! Got to love Melbourne

Got to love Melbourne



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