• RYPEN Record

Samantha Yee and Vi Huynh our Macrob RYPEN candidates set the new record for staying awake past the airport after being picked up from School to travel to the DOXA Malmsbury Camp. Leo arrived a little early at the camp and the girls being rested on the trip were up an away without instruction and it was hard to hold them back.

Lucy was even earlier and was able to attend the presentations, lunch and after many farewells and belated farewells that Samantha and Vi had to make before finally transporting two very excited girls back to Melbourne from the Camp. I am reliably informed that the trip home was a bubbly one of praising the camp and the instructors as well as commentary on the participants and new friends made. I think Las Vegas rules apply, what happens in camp stays in camp.

Lucy, fortunately, remembered to take some pics of the camp and the girls after Leo’s Alzheimers kicked in and he forgot.


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