• Current Volunteers Needed

We have a consistent need for volunteers to help out with a great variety of tasks within the local community as well as assisting with the logistics needed to support our National and International projects and Appeals.

Here are just some of the continuing programs we support or operate


We operate as many BBQ’s as we are allocated at Bunnings and other locations from Surf Lifesaving to Webb Dock and take up all extra opportunities provided by Bunnings Port Melbourne Store to fundraise. We provide their customers with a cold drink or snag. This activity is an excellent fundraising activity that we often dedicate to particular projects.Volunteer, Cooks and Servers always welcome.

Some of the projects we support through our fundraising are:

Recently in Cambodia, through the Eyes wide open project, we had one of our members deliver 12 new bicycles, a cow, 20 pigs that we provided funds for and in conjunction with other members from RC Melbourne South carry out a dental health program for one of the Cambodian Villages.

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We provide support to the Port Phillip program Five minutes of Fame that sees our members provide transport for some disadvantaged, lonely or aged people in the community to attend for a meal and some entertainment. The entertainment is provided not only by local performers but the people themselves who are each given 5 minutes to star and display their particular talents. A genuinely fun and entertaining evening for all. Our members then drive the participant to their homes.Drivers and servers always needed.

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