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RCPM has a simple vision to be known as a Rotary Club of Dedicated Dunny Diggers. We strongly believe that without basic sanitation in the areas we operate then we cannot prevent disease and hunger that afflicts the societies we are trying to assist.

It is nearly impossible to prevent infectious disease without a potable water supply, and it is also impossible to provide a potable water supply without basic  sanitation. Basic sanitation is not limited to toilets but includes education on cleanness and hygiene and to this extent we our projects start with the Kinders, then the schools and then the public square.

We naturally enough do not limit our selves to Dunny Digging alone but have been able to build a complete toilet block every year in East Timor. Some of the most impoverished areas where we operate have never had running water or toilet facilities. These areas have proven to be some of the most difficult locations for transport and resupply but in each case we have been able to provide a toilet block where none existed or rebuild one that had become unusable.

The Dunny Digging has lead to providing other community needs which can then be supported after the provision of sanitation. Some have been spectacular successes in areas previously neglected.

Here are our latest projects we are seeking support for:

East Timor

Project  Location Amount Donors  Status
Toilet Block Balibo Kindergarten 11,500
  •  Balibo Trust
  • D9800 Grant
  • RCPM
Hotel and Accommodation Balibo Fort Hotel 850,000
  •  Balibo Trust
  • RAWKS Grant
  • RCPM
Completed Opens in August 2104
Dental Clinic  unfunded
Toilet Block 11,000 unfunded
 Earthquake Relief  Valparaiso 5,000
Hospital Bed Bank Southern Chile 4,500
Cambodia Pigs & Bicycles 1 Pig=60
1 Bicycle=45






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