Monthly Archives: May 2016
Balibo Dental Clinic, construction well advanced…..

PP Ricardo Writes The Balibo Health & Dental Clinic is now well advanced, with work progressing on all the component parts, namely the Dental rooms, Kitchen and the Volunteers Apartment. The strength of this project lies on the very effective partnership which we have been able to build between Balibo House Trust, the proponent of […]

A DIK container goes a long way

Don Ricardo escriber It never ceases to amaze me just how many peoples life we touch when sending a 40foot container to an overseas community. And it always happens with help of DIK, in fact, it ONLY happens because of DIK. The contents of our latest container to southern Chile is being distributed by fellow […]

It was quite Early

In a great example of organisation and club participation the Luvva Duck promotion at Coles Port Melbourne was a great success and there was even ample duck for Mothers Day. The program began the vision the Club had  signed up to early in the year with Graham and Robyn leading the charge while the indefatigable […]