Monthly Archives: March 2016
Media Frenzy

We seem to have collected more than a few pics and videos you might enjoy From the Bendigo Conference we have A couple from Gordon Cheyne’s collection another 213 can be viewed or downloaded here And who would have thought it but it does appear the the DG has a few pics to share as […]

RYPEN Report

Our two “well traveled” Macrob girls, Michelle and Karuna, reflect on their RYPEN experience and the surprise of how much they enjoyed the adventure out of their comfort zone. Michelle Yu The RYPEN camp was an amazing experience. On Friday night, we sat down to brainstorm and reflect on why we came to RYPEN and […]

Bunnings Blow

President Paul relates his good fortune at not being at Bunnings for the early morning Melbourne weather. Dear Colleagues, Many thanks for you help under very trying conditions at Bunnings on Friday. I am sorry I was not there earlier in the morning when the Marquee almost blew away. Mind you my solution would not […]

Never Lost – Just Geographically Embarrassed

That is right, according to that world wide adventurer and intrepid traveler of suburban Caulfield Leo, he is never lost just Geographically Embarrassed. In his normal suave sophisticated style he ensured that the Rypen attendees would be at Southern Cross at 3 pm instead of going to Macrob as normal because the school was closed […]

Seven Women

At Bendigo Conference President Paul encountered the redoubtable Stephanie Woollard, Rotary Peace Fellow and Founder of Seven Women, working to socially and economically empower women in Nepal. Stephanie spoke at the Foundation Breakfast about her  experiences at Uppsala University during her Rotary Peace Fellowship. Stephanie emailed Paul with request to  circulate through our Newsletter an invite to participate in […]