Monthly Archives: November 2015
A Bank You can Trust – Grows

Which Bank Can You Trust – This Bank The Rotary Port Melbourne Hospital Bed Bank has just picked up, disinfected, cleaned and shipped another 54 beds to Chile to grow the bank ledgers to a total of 259 Hospital Beds available for palliative care in the Chilean community. The ‘Rotary Hospital-Bed Bank’ project for Southern […]

A reminder on Hope…

The Balibo, Timor Leste story, from tragedy something good comes….. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of Portuguese Timor, it is timely to reflect on the story of the small community of Balibo’, close to the Indonesian border. Balibo’s story is closely linked to Australia as it was there on 16th […]

APC Christmas Box

Albert Park College Students joining East Timor educational projects Our Balibo Area Schools Refurbishment project got an unexpected boost this week when we were contacted by class room teacher Adele Moleta and her students at Albert Park College, who had collected 100’s of educational items for donations to school kids in East Timor. Some of […]

David’s Travels with My Aunt

On my way back from Wangaratta we spent a day tasting wines in the King Valley, most pleasant and highly recommended. Our last stop was at Pizzini, a drop of which I’m partial to. We were chatting and tasting when a chap of a certain age wandered in behind the bar in an old jacket […]