Monthly Archives: June 2015
Chateau Carboard

Chateau Cardboard This article is brought to you “The Ladies Who Lunch”  as yet another public service from the Editorial Staff at your RCPM website. The now world famous Australian invented and made wine cask known politely in the more refined and leafy climes of  Melbourne as  Chateau Cardboard and in hotter tempestuous regions of […]

Happy Ending Error!

It is with Heavy heart that the Editor must inform you of an error in the last transmission. Although the Editor is almost never wrong, a redheaded person, who shall not be named to protect the names of the innocent,  colouristes and various Port Melbourne salons, picked up an almost never error by the Editor […]

Happy Endings!

A Week of Happy Endings! Your resolute web staff have tracked down and secured the very original for your viewing and a pictorial record for your discernment Happy Ending 1 PE Paul was startled at last Monday’s Dinner meeting. Happy Ending 1 (HE1) originated with Lucy, then Fran then Geri making foxes paws about biting […]