Monthly Archives: December 2014
Famers Delivered

The President and Secretary slipped on the Speedy Gonzales costumes to cope with the Five Minutes of Fame change of night that clashed with RCPM’s meeting night and necessitated our trusty drivers going Mexican. The meeting was short sharp and finished early because the drivers had to do a Kevin and ZIP. A quick slideshow […]

RYLA 2014

An Actuarial Tale

Our RYLA Candidate Xinyi from MacRob was lucky enough to enjoy the company of President Robyn and PP Geri for a sumptuous (I’m lead to believe) feast at the Oasis camp at Mt Evelyn.  Our intrepid explorers managed the trek up the mountain to the Oasis Camp and were treated to entertainment food and good […]

Here’s an Idea

gifts that keep giving!

Our good friend at Melbourne South, PP Bronwyn Stephens, in yet another of her innovative initiatives has augmented her already famous World of Difference program with a way to make a Christmas gift actually benefit the recipient. Pick a Pig or a Cow, or something in between. Print out the form and send it off […]