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Ricardo the year that Was
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Bed Bank Chile Project 2014
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Robyn’s Roundup

President Robyn writes and seeks your support: Following Ricardo’s recent visit to Balibo, he has come back convinced that we need to step up our work and commitment to the Balibo Community, but he needs your support to do this. Over the last 5 years our work in Balibo has concentrated around ‘education’ and ‘job […]

Current Community Projects

  Steps Outreach Each year we provide upwards of 200 young people with a Christmas dinner and bring some cheers and the hope that some people care.These children, often wayward, abandoned or simple run-aways, congregate on the steps at Finders street. and hence the name Steps outreach. Outwardly independent with gruff exteriors they are still […]

Ricardos Rambles – East Timor – July 2014

Balibo, East Timor Visit – July 2014 The traveling party included Rob Hudson, Chair at Balibo House Trust(BHT), Dr. Lisa Matriste, her 2 teenage daughters, and myself. We were also joined for a few, but very valuable hours, by Daryl Mills OAM (RC of Dili) and Leanne Hayes, a fantastic young PALMS volunteer working at […]

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2014 -2015 – Hello Goodbye

2014 -2015 is signalled by A Fond Flamenco (Latino) Farewell Fulfilling Female Fantasies CLICK A Fantastic Fun Filled Future by our Favourite Frantic Fiery Redhead CLICK Wecome to RCPM in 2015

Right In The Middle of Winter – “Summer”

A Summer breeze Newly installed President Robyn warmed us up with her very appropriately named Grandchild Summer. Like her Nanna she called as she saw it and we know she has an Ipod, likes Beanies and is able to extract gifts from strangers. (Elaine) Although Elaine is no stranger to us here at Port Melbourne […]

Changeover 2014 Review

The 2014 Reviews You can select individual pics from the collage immediately below or watch the full slide show below the collage while Ricardo’s Year that Was powerpoint presentation can be viewed here while the Video of the The Changeover itself can be viewed in the Media Video gallery here Please note that all images […]