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  TO AUSTRALIA! –   by Military Medal and Victoria Cross   recipient, Lieutenant Albert Charles Borella , of the 26th Battalion , Australian Imperial  Force,  penned aboard  His Majesty’s Transport, Marathon, December 27, 1918 In Flanders fields In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place: and in the […]

Larrikins, Yarns, and Tall Tales The Man Behind the Badge

President Ricardo has instituted the Man behind the Badge and the first victim was bulletin editor Leo King followed by Fundraiser Extraordinaire Gill Soso Leo’s Life IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME   .. .And you thought Ricardo could waffle! Well Leo showed he can talk under wet cement while juggling axe […]

Polio Beaten In India

  Rotarians take a bow! You did this Being a Centurion helps.   India Beats the Odds Click to follow the story

Chile Earthquake Appeal


Current Volunteers Needed

We have a consistent need for volunteers to help out with a great variety of tasks within the local community as well as assisting with the logistics needed to support our National and International projects and Appeals. Here are just some of the continuing programs we support or operate BBQ’s We operate as many BBQ’s […]

Duty Roster – Webb Dock Breakfast

Roster Group members Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Emergencies Name Robyn McDonald Gill Soso Paul Kildea Pam Mate Pauline Kildea Ricardo Krauskopf Contact  0409 844 426  0425 788 931  0421 381 166  9681 7444 0417 548 259 Name Cunyet Karayalcin Tina Anasta Sabina Schnelle Fran Berger David Richardson  Rufus Pereira […]

2014 RYPEN Update

RYPEN Camp, 21st March – 23rd March 2014 On the 21st March after a busy day of school, two Year 10s and two Year 11s – Sanskriti Mehta, Susan Alfayadh, Orissa Dixon, and I (Natalie Tan) – embarked on a weekend away for a jam-packed and enriching experience at RYPEN Camp held in Lancefield. Friday […]