Monthly Archives: October 2013
New RYLA & RYPEN Video

PP Geri has located a new video on the RYLA and RYPEN that follows a number of the participants and gives an idea of the value and benefits to the participants. Click here for Video page or on the image

A Life in Crime – BJK Dinner Album
These Images are resized down for ease of loading. These images below can be downloaded from drive by following this link  (medium 450x250) The full size hi Def images are on Drive and available here  (large 4-5 meg)
Cluster Meeting Guest Speaker – Andrea Coote
RCPM, RCMS and RC Southbank held a joint meeting on Tuesday this week and were lucky enough to have MLC and Parlimentary Secretary Andrea Coote as our Guest Speaker. Andrea’s presentation was on the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area, it was a most informative and engaging evening. Andrea pointed out that the area of Port [...]
RCPM’s support for children’s education continues……..

Over the last 4 weeks we have been busy delivering on our ‘overseas educational projects’ and members should feel happy and proud that the funds raised whilst volunteering at BBQ’s and other activities, are being put to good use; On Thursday 26th September, we shipped 140 ‘Return to School’ Bags, 6 computers and 500 excersivce books to the […]

Hospital Bed Bank a REALITY

President Ricardo Reports: RCPM and RC Valdivia-Ainil in Chile, have agreed to set up a major ‘Hospital Bed Bank’, to supply hospital beds to long term, bed-bound patients, living at home and in the care of family members. This action came from an earlier project of RCPM in RC District No. 4355 in southern Chile. […]

Salley Davies – Bunnings BBQ’s

  RCP Mmembers were delighted to welcome Sally Davey, Community Activities Organizer for Bunnings Port Melbourne, on Monday 7th October. Sally explained all about Bunnings and Westfarmers Communities programs, including the effectiveness of the Bunnings Community BBQ’s. The BBQ’s are well known to us at RCPM; they make up arounbd 30% of our yearly income. […]