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Balibo House 10th Anniversary celebrations

P.P. Robyn McDonald and myself, together with 2 of our donors to the Balibo Portuguese Fort Restoration project, Michael Renzellan and Peter Santiago, attended the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Balibo House Trust. It was a great occasion and it seemed the whole village was present. The official delegation was […]

We get Visitors

Visitors from the Sub Continent We were pleased to welcome Dr Kunal Banerji and his wife from the Rotary Club of  Delhi Chanakyapuri. Dr Kunal favoured us with a talk about his club and how they recruited their members and were now about 50 strong with aims of growing even larger so that that they […]

Look Who came to Dinner

Last week saw AG Tony Wells stand in for the scheduled DG  Ross Butterworth’s visit. We think the AG has been to a lot of DG visits because he told us everything the DG would say and what the DG would stress. Unfortunately DG Ross’s wife  broke her foot that afternoon and was being tended […]

International Report – Back to school and Computers 4 Kids

Rufus Pereira writes: I am pleased to inform that we have packed the Back to school bags and the computers for kids ready for shipping to Timor Leste and Chile. With the help of Robyn and two young ladies from the Catholic University we packed 140 school bags and 6 desk top computers ready to […]

Hats off for President Priscilla

Hats off to President Priscilla Parterieux and her members at RC Temuco-Amancay in RC District 4355. I thought all had been said about the arrival of the RCPM and DIK container in Chile and the distribution of the goods there. But the actual distribution effort itself, deserves a mention all of it’s own; First, president […]

Sep Joint Meeting RCPM-RCMS

A selection of images from the meeting

Sth American Shipment Arrives
RCPM & DIK's medical equipment clothing arrive in Chile The 40 foot container arrived in Chile on the 10th of August. The 13 tons of medical equipment and winter clothing were distributed to the small Andes mountain hospitals of Lonquimay, Curacautin, Galvarino and Vilcun. Among the stories of the many beneficiaries there was one so touching [...]