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Mission Accomplished

Volunteers Ross and Virginia McMillan sign off

Mission Accomplished Volunteers Ross & Virginia McMillan sign off in Balibo The past 6 months have been among the most productive in our 8 year involvement with the Balibo Community, in Timor Leste. Rotary Volunteers, Ross and Virginia McMillan have left their mark on the towns civic buildings and in every resident’s heart! Six (6) […]

The Hills are Alive

According to Lucy the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Robyn Panting. The result of the tree planting exercise. It appears that our happy little wanderers actually found the location and stuck fingers in the dirt. They have provided positive evidence they were there.

Film Night and Fundraiser

Kerry Kornhauser, Chair of Women in Rotary would like to formally invite you to our screening of ‘Bringing the Light’, a documentary made about Seven Women’s work, that is being held at the Palace Como Cinema, South Yarra on the 11th October, 2016, hosted by a number of Rotary Clubs and in conjunction with Seven […]

Its Open & Pretty Flash

Members will be pleased to know that the Dental Clinic and the accommodation for the latest PALMS volunteer is now open. If I do say so it looks pretty good. Well Done!! We received a great thank you from Mrs Terry Bracks from the Balibo House Trust but the pics show the fantastic work of […]

Grants & How to get ’em

The Club was favoured by a visit from our old friend from Melb South Mark Stephens (Chair Grants Committee) and PDG Denis Shore (Foundation Chair) who spoke to us on the intricacies of the Rotary Grants system. We think it was a little clearer for many of us but as they say, a picture is […]

Balibo Dental Clinic, construction well advanced…..

PP Ricardo Writes The Balibo Health & Dental Clinic is now well advanced, with work progressing on all the component parts, namely the Dental rooms, Kitchen and the Volunteers Apartment. The strength of this project lies on the very effective partnership which we have been able to build between Balibo House Trust, the proponent of […]

Media Frenzy

We seem to have collected more than a few pics and videos you might enjoy From the Bendigo Conference we have A couple from Gordon Cheyne’s collection another 213 can be viewed or downloaded here And who would have thought it but it does appear the the DG has a few pics to share as […]

A Bank You can Trust – Grows

Which Bank Can You Trust – This Bank The Rotary Port Melbourne Hospital Bed Bank has just picked up, disinfected, cleaned and shipped another 54 beds to Chile to grow the bank ledgers to a total of 259 Hospital Beds available for palliative care in the Chilean community. The ‘Rotary Hospital-Bed Bank’ project for Southern […]

A reminder on Hope…

The Balibo, Timor Leste story, from tragedy something good comes….. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Indonesian invasion of Portuguese Timor, it is timely to reflect on the story of the small community of Balibo’, close to the Indonesian border. Balibo’s story is closely linked to Australia as it was there on 16th […]


VOLUNTEERS WANTED!! Tuesday 10th November At the DIK Warehouse Shed 40, No. 400 Somerville Rd West Footscray CAN YOU HELP? We are loading another container with Hospital Beds for the Rotary Hospital Bed Bank or ‘Banco Rotario de Catres Clinicos’ in southern Chile. We intend to load 60 beds, 60 mattresses, walkers, commodes, shower […]