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Mission Accomplished

Volunteers Ross and Virginia McMillan sign off

Mission Accomplished Volunteers Ross & Virginia McMillan sign off in Balibo The past 6 months have been among the most productive in our 8 year involvement with the Balibo Community, in Timor Leste. Rotary Volunteers, Ross and Virginia McMillan have left their mark on the towns civic buildings and in every resident’s heart! Six (6) […]

Balibo CLC – Soft opening of renovated Cafeteria

Another Balibo story, and yes, it could get boring when presented with so much happening there over the past 12 months. Late in 2016, we had the Dental Clinic construction and opening, along with the new Community Kitchen, the Resident Volunteers Apartment and 2 shipments of educational & health materials. That was busy enough, but […]

San Antonio Boarding House – A Shout Out

When Virginia and Ross McMillan first agreed to volunteer in Balibo, we had no way of predicting how good, or effective, their time there would turn out to be. It has been immensely productive! We usually focus on Ross’s improvements to the Balibo 5 Kindergarten, the CLC English Class Room, the Mechanics Training Shop and […]

Cleanup at DIK

Monday 15th May was another busy day for RCPM. This time back at DIK, sorting, cleaning and packing for our current projects in Chile and Timor-Leste. The Packers Pauline, Robyn, Ruby and JackieCHILE We are getting ready to ship around 55 hospital-beds & mattresses as well as wheelchairs, walkers, bedside toilets and clothing to the […]

A Ricardo Ramble

PP Ricardo has provided graphic evidence that the collection RCPM and Macrob Interact carried for schoolbooks, satchels and writing materials has arrived and is being distributed to good effect. Another small but effective program that works without fuss or overhead.  Well done to RCPM, Macrob Interact DIK and all involved.

The Tooth Fairy appears in Timor-Leste

From our adventurous volunteers in Timor-Leste. We begin to see that what are simple things to us are often much more complex in other societies and cultures. A recent report from Virginia and Ross McMillan hard at work in Balibo. The commencement of our school teeth brushing program Saude Nihan. Botarde to all, Today was […]

Ross & Virginia McMillan

Rotary Volunteers, hard at work in Balibo

RCPM was very lucky to have Ross & Virginia McMillan, apply to volunteer to work in the Balibo Community, Timor Leste. Providence or luck, we had been without an English teacher at the Rotary sponsored, Community Learning Centre, and teacher Virginia, comes along. We needed a builder to direct works at the Rotary sponsored, Balibo […]

Bikes for Balibo

Rotary Port Melbourne was recently approached by Rich Gilmore, a long-time supporter of East Timor concerning a Bikes for Balibo Project. Rich wrote – I am writing to ask if you’d help me create income and jobs for the people of Balibo, East Timor, by contributing to the Bikes for Balibo crowdfunding campaign:  As many […]

MacRob Girls Generosity on Display

The MacRob Girls Interact Club has successfully completed a project to provide educational supplies to the Fallowei School in the Balibo region of East Timor The girls produced a total of 42 Satchels containing three exercise books, colour pencils, writing pencils, biros, fluorescent marker pens, erasers, and sharpeners. The Satchels from DIK to be Filled The Fill of […]