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The Lord works in Mysterious Ways

Well with a little help from RCPM we covered the Lent(il) fasting period with Holy Snacraments and the odd sausage. NB: No meat was harmed in this exercise and the girls provided support to the Bay street penitents with blessings for a quick donation of $2.50 and a go with onions and sauce! So we got the Prayer […]

Bunnings Blow

President Paul relates his good fortune at not being at Bunnings for the early morning Melbourne weather. Dear Colleagues, Many thanks for you help under very trying conditions at Bunnings on Friday. I am sorry I was not there earlier in the morning when the Marquee almost blew away. Mind you my solution would not […]

Footy Breakfast – RC Albert Park

Please find an updated invitation for our 2015 Footy Breakfast.  The change?  We are very excited that PDG are once again our major Footy Breakfast sponsors, and we welcome them on board. As you know, the Footy Breakfast is proudly our Club initiative and each year it gets bigger and better. Our planning is going well, […]

A Bean Dinner?

PP Ricardo filling in President Robyn took the Chair and a fun filled night for all only interupted by PP Ricardo giving shoooooorrrrt talk on something. PP Grant opened a book on if he could finish before Dinner, and amazingly he did it because dinner was late and we did our dough so the Acting […]

Current Community Projects

  Steps Outreach Each year we provide upwards of 200 young people with a Christmas dinner and bring some cheers and the hope that some people care.These children, often wayward, abandoned or simple run-aways, congregate on the steps at Finders street. and hence the name Steps outreach. Outwardly independent with gruff exteriors they are still […]