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The Lord works in Mysterious Ways

Well with a little help from RCPM we covered the Lent(il) fasting period with Holy Snacraments and the odd sausage. NB: No meat was harmed in this exercise and the girls provided support to the Bay street penitents with blessings for a quick donation of $2.50 and a go with onions and sauce! So we got the Prayer […]

Secretary Meanderings

Hush to Hobart Sec and significant other Linda ventured to Tassie again in December and spent a very relaxing and enjoyable week aboard the good ship hush cruising up and down the Tamar River, partly to familiarise Linda with living on board, mooring, and getting used to onboard life. A visit to the seafood emporium […]

Ten Years On

The Food is ordered, the drinks are in with the Speeches timed The Dress selected, a shirt is pressed and the Sergeant fully primed There are 10 years to count, full of tall tales, and true Successes to celebrate, and failures too Port Melbourne makes a difference, because of you  

The Balibo Partnership

RCPM – RC Bentleigh Moorabbin Central

PP Ricardo and President Graham, between travels, DIK and drinks and all round gaiety thought it would be appropriate if RCPM got together with RC BMC and actually got around to recognising their initial work that we benefitted from in East Timor. So arrangements were made and a great evening it was. RC BMC arranged […]

Davids Northern Dalliance

Ah Queensland Beautiful one day, you know the score Yes, dear readers I paid a visit to several of Gods waiting rooms en route to Hamilton Island over the past 2 weeks. I joined the good ship That Boat again, a 41 foot Bavaria design for the technically minded,  in Southport and headed north into […]

In Search of Southern lights

In search of the southern lights, among other things Linda, AKA significant other or she who would like to be obeyed, Swambo,  and I ventured to Tassie over the Anzac long weekend to relocate a campervan to Melbourne and, among other things, go in search of the elusive southern lights. On to Bruny island which is […]

Return to the Future

  Heather and Chris Hendricks return to Port Melbourne and jump straight in. Chris is taking on the International Portfolio. Welcome back to a foundation member.

Clare Castle

Secretary  Report A trial run at the less than salubrious Clare Castle, don’t think its had a paint since my last visit 10 years ago! Food was OK but not sure about the surroundings. Web Wally Not too sure about the room and if it can be laid out much differently. Conversation very limited in […]

RYPEN Record

Samantha Yee and Vi Huynh our Macrob RYPEN candidates set the new record for staying awake past the airport after being picked up from School to travel to the DOXA Malmsbury Camp. Leo arrived a little early at the camp and the girls being rested on the trip were up an away without instruction and it was […]

A Ricardo Ramble

PP Ricardo has provided graphic evidence that the collection RCPM and Macrob Interact carried for schoolbooks, satchels and writing materials has arrived and is being distributed to good effect. Another small but effective program that works without fuss or overhead.  Well done to RCPM, Macrob Interact DIK and all involved.